Slide_no: Q01018
Photo_Number: P3130014 Q01005 Q01028
Category: Animalia uncategorised
Genus: Trachelius
Mounters_Surname: Evens
Mounters_Initials: E.D.
Where_Collected: near Kenn Moor Gate, Kenn Moor, Som
Date_Collected: Wednesday, September 12, 1956
Date_Mounted: Thursday, November 29, 1956
Mounting_Method: Transmitted
Mountant: Glycerine 60% Gelatine 2%
Remarks: ovum
Slide_Type: Standard - with paper label
Ringing: yes

not the same as the one in the PMS book.

"This infusorian I find in ditches which are full of vegetation particularly duckweed and I get it by sweeping the net through the water and then picking them out with a pipette using a lens. They are so large that they can be easily recognised and their spiral method of swimming helps the identification.

When alive they are no so spherical as the killed specimens are, being rather longer than broad, slightly flattened & slightly spirally twisted.

They have a short beak which is covered with cilia which are rather longer than those which clothe the rest of the body. The protoplasm is very strongly vacuolated so that it forms only threads & strands between the numerous bubbles of sap giving a rather fibrous appearance to the animal. The mouthy is at the base of the beak.

It reminds me very much of the marine Noctiluca which has a similar network of protoplasmic strands in its interior and also a much longer “tentacle” but is actually not at all related.

Fixed in saturated picric acid solution & transferred to 2½% formalin to wash out." which was broken by J. L. Jellett in 1963

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